Excel provides a range of both permanent and casual employment opportunities across a range of industries and job roles.

We place a very high importance of supporting and nurturing our candidates who chose to work with Excel Recruitment’s employer network.

For Casual employees, we have a dedicated Candidate Care Program advisor who manages the contractors from acceptance of the contract or casual assignment through to the completion of the job.

Additional specialist assistance with temporary or contractor staff insurance, payroll, time sheets, taxation, social and work related issues are also provided by our Excel Recruitment Candidate Care Program.

We also monitor renewal dates of assignments so that extensions can be put in place or alternative work arrangements can be made.
By treating our candidates with integrity and respect we ensure a straight forward recruitment process with long lasting benefits for everyone.

If you’re interested in gaining permanent or casual employment through Excel Recruitment then simply complete the form below and upload for CV.

Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss employment options.

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