Why Casual Employees?

Organisations and businesses often have gaps within their workforce for a variety of reasons, some planned and some unexpected, which can result in costly delays in productivity and service provision.

In today's world, a recruitment partner that can respond quickly and effectively is a valued resource.

Excel Recruitment excels in the delivery of casual and temporary labour requirements for employers.

Measured by Experience

Since 1998, Excel has paved the way in attracting high calibre candidates to meet the specific needs of its clients.  

We have long-standing experience across a range of sectors but predominately white collar, light blue collar and executive, with industries spanning manufacturing, FMCG, transport and logistics, administrative, aged care services local government, state government, healthcare and pharmaceutical, energy and utilities, retail and social assistance.

Excel understands that each client has different needs and tailors its attraction methodologies and sourcing strategies to achieve the best match for our client’s needs.

This provides clients with valuable savings to time and resources, which can be spent growing their businesses.

Relationship Building

Excel prides itself on the strength of its client relationships.

We work hard to develop partnerships with clients, to understand their industry, commercial imperatives, culture, and growth aspirations in order to ensure recruitment strategies are suitably aligned.

Time is invested in getting to know a client’s business with site visits undertaken, and client briefs prepared that incorporate role requirements, key competencies, working environment and culture, past experiences and benchmarks.

Candidate Pool

Excel Recruitment has a large candidate pool across multiple industries.

We retain this candidate pool by providing opportunities that meet their career needs and ongoing professional development.  
We also complete psychometric and behavioural profiling on these staff to ensure they follow a path for which they’re suited to and have the skills.

Site Specific Induction and Training

Excel offers site and industry specific induction and training for all casual employees.

A full induction program covering occupational health and safety, EEO and performance standards is provided to all casual employees engaged by Excel.

Our induction process is certified to quality standard 9001.

Information provided during the induction is reinforced and updated through a series of Toolbox Meetings with casual employees.

Occupational Health and Safety

Excel Recruitment is committed to employee health and safety.  Safe work practices are a key part of our core values.  

Excel Recruitment believes there is no separation between good job performance and safe working practices.

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to ensure a complete safe workplace for all involved.

Excel Recruitment’s comprehensive Employee Health and Safety program incorporates:

  • An Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Statement
  • A Work, Health and Safety Plan
  • An Injury Management and Employee Return to Work Policy and Procedure
  • A Claims Process and Return to Work Process
  • Quality Management System Certification (ISO9001:2015)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification (AS/NZS 4801:2001)

This program enables all work activities to be carried out with reasonable practicable measures taken, to avoid risks to the health and safety of staff, casual employees, contractors, applicants, candidates, authorised visitors, and any other person who may be affected. This can be translated into the practical task of eliminating or controlling hazards that may exist in the workplace.

All staff, including contractors and casual employees cooperate with Excel Recruitment and our clients in the application and implementation of Excel Recruitment’s Employee Health and Safety program.

Excel Recruitment multi-site certification in Quality Management System Certification (ISO9001:2008) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification (AS/NZS 4801:2001) Quality Management Systems international standards, recognise our commitment to high quality processes and continuous improvement in the provision of and labour resources on a short or fixed term and project basis.

Specialist Services

Excel offers a range of specialist services including:

  • Workforces for seasonal and industry fluctuations;
  • Industry shutdowns;
  • Full Workforce Management;
  • Payroll Management.

Skills Training

Rexcel Training (Registered RTO) was established in 1993.

We provide a range of accredited training courses as well as our own Excel developed courses, which have been created with leading industry experts.

Our application of innovative workplace based training and assessment methods are tailored to suit the requirements of each business.

Our proven delivery methods include structured but flexible on-the-job learning through workplace projects or off-the-job training-room based facilitation. Our philosophy is based upon prompt service, consistent follow-up and anticipation of needs. This allows Excel Training to continue to develop a thorough understanding of our client’s working environment and culture.  Our range of services include:

  • Co-ordination of traineeships and ‘On-the-Job’ Training and Assessment
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Delivery of Accredited Training (In-House or at Rexcel Training venues)

Rexcel Training’s pro-active approach to training and assessment allows us to maintain and enhance our reputation as an ‘RTO of Choice’ and as a leading provider of workforce development services.