Employee Benefits

Taking care of our staff is very important to Excel Recruitment. We are a close knit team of recruitment professionals whose values and goals are aligned to improved service provision and success. As a supplier of temporary and contract staff to employers across Australia, we are very aware of all our candidates and contractors who work under the Excel Recruitment banner.

Taking care of this special part of the Excel Team is critical to the overall success of the Excel Recruitment & Training organisation.

Each state division within Excel has a dedicated Candidate Care Program advisor who manages the contractors from acceptance of the contract or temporary assignment through to the completion of the job.

The open communication between contractor and Excel’s Candidate Care Program advisor is part of our overall feedback systems which lead to improved performance and retention of our contractors.

Additional specialist assistance with temporary or contractor staff insurance, payroll, time sheets, taxation, social and work related issues are also provided by our Excel Recruitment Candidate Care Program.

We also monitor renewal dates of assignments so that extensions can be put in place or alternative work arrangements can be made.
By treating our candidates with integrity and respect we ensure a straight forward recruitment process with long lasting benefits for everyone.

By treating our contractors with integrity and honesty and  also providing timely feedback on assignments undertaken, Excel Recruitment manages  staffing solutions professionally.