Purposeful Action Cycle® PAC®

PAC® is an effective performance and change management model, utilised by national organisations as a leadership and performance enabler. It will significantly improve the performance of your organisation by helping your staff to focus on activities that produce results.

For organisations striving for 5 star performance, PAC® is an essential model that will assist managers to produce high performing focused teams.

PAC® can change the way people work and go about their daily tasks to create a performanced based culture that will drive your organisation forward by providing the necessary framework to drive and sustain change.

A key strength of PAC® is the flexibility of the model to be presented as a support or enhancer to existing programs, or purely as a stand alone application.

Download the PAC® flyer:

To find out more about how PAC® can help your organisation and your staff please contact Excel Training on (08) 8212 7844 or by email;  training@excels.com.au.