Excel and the Community
The team at Excel are constantly looking for innovation to improve our business and to stay at the leading edge within ourindustry. This is just not limited to the attraction, engagement, development and retention of personnel for employers but it is intrinsically linked to thecommunity as a whole.

The foundation of our organisation, Jobs StatewideInc, started over twenty years ago by CEO Wendy Jayne Williams, with a philosophy to support job seekers with high barriers to employment. Employment barriers can include;    

  • People with a disability
  • Indigenous
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Youth
  • Long term unemployed
  • And Education  

JobsStatewide in supporting job seekers for many years, the need to complement jobseeker services with additional employer services like Excel Recruitment and Training became apparent.

Excel Recruitment supports Jobs Statewide’s continual drive to provide employment opportunities and programs to job seekers in Australia which have high barriers to getting a sustainable job in Australia by;

Community Linkages

Connections to strategically located Job Services Australia and Disability Employment providers throughout Australia is a unique sourcing capability which Excel Recruitment can manage. We are well positioned to take strategic advantages of the evolving labour markets to compliment your strategic vision and plans.

Community Programs

Excel Recruitment and Training understands and is working towards constantly improving our connections and links with the community. We assist our parents objects to support Australians with barriers to employment.
We are developing a number of ongoing initiatives including;

  • An indigenous employment program
  • Youth employment and assistance programs
  • Skills Training
  • Inclusiveness of People with a disability
  • Local council initiatives and programs to employment  and  skills development for the long term unemployed
  • Innovation through psychological development programs for the long term unemployed
  • Community contribution program as well as forming strategic alliances with employers so that additional value can be developed for both parties

If you have a need for innovation within your organisation, please let our team know on 08 8216 9226 or use our Contact Us page to email us.